Residential & Commercial Security Systems

It’s a reality – having a home security system has become a necessity.  At Summit Control Systems, we know that break-ins don’t just take place in certain neighborhoods – they happen all around our area.  Choosing to have a home alarm system monitored is one of the best decisions you can make to protect your property and family.  At the very least, a burglar alarm will alert you to the fact that a theft may be occurring; at most, it will alert you to the fact that someone is in the home your loved ones could enter at any moment.  The team of operators in our 24-hour monitoring station will work for you by contacting law enforcement to respond to the situation. For the ultimate reassurance, adding cameras to your home security plan is a must.  With cameras from Summit Control Systems, you can make sure loved ones are safe and keep an eye on your property either remotely or by accessing footage from a DVR.
Security Systems by Summit Control Systems
Summit Control Systems can also add the life safety feature of a monitored fire system.  Peace of mind that comes with installing heat and smoke detectors is knowing that your home’s system will alert you to the potential of a fire and that our monitoring station will be aware of it when you cannot act.

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