Custom Audio Systems for Home and Office


Pre-Wire is the term used for running wiring throughout a home while it is under construction and requires careful planning. Modern systems use a variety of different cabling, and having the correct wiring installed is crucial to a successful audio/video system. Summit Control Systems can expertly handle all of your pre-wire needs. Whether it is speaker cabling for distributed audio systems, coaxial and HDMI cabling for HD video or high-speed Category rated cabling for your Wi-Fi and data needs, we will ensure your home is ready for today…and the future!

Distributed Audio

Music sets the mood of your home, providing the perfect backdrop whether working, entertaining or relaxing. Being able to enjoy your favorite songs in any room is a great way to improve your lifestyle, and many of our systems allow you to enjoy different tunes in different areas. Our wide array of architectural speakers not only blend in with any home’s décor, but come in a range of styles to meet individual performance needs. And beyond your personal music library or music played on a docked iPod, you can enjoy an unlimited variety of tunes streamed from the Internet: Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, Songza, Sirius/XM, etc. all available right at your fingertips. We carry a wide range of systems including some that work wirelessly for easy installation in existing homes.

Custom Home and Office Audio Solutions throughout Incline Village and North Lake Tahoe by Summit Control Systems


Existing homes offer unique challenges for adding a new audio/video or automation system. Fortunately, Summit Control Systems’s professional team of installers can almost always find a way to retrofit new technology into your existing home! Additionally, we stay on top of developing and new technologies that allow sending signals throughout a home often without running any new wiring at all. By telling us your ultimate goals, we can often create a solution to install the system of your dreams in any home, new or old!


Summit Control Systems is ready to handle any audio/video, automation or surveillance needs for your commercial establishment as well. Regardless of your commercial audio/video needs, Summit Control Systems is poised to handle them!

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